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Do you have any questions about your pension? Are you about to move abroad? Or do you need help calculating your benefits, filling out applications, or do you require representation in legal proceedings? Social security law is complex. As an independent specialist and registered pensions consultant, I am happy to assist you and lend you my in-depth expertise. Here, you will find answers, advice, and support on the following topics:


  • Questions relating to statutory pension insurance, such as reconciling pension accounts, applying for your pension, calculating any reductions of your pension, or making voluntary contributions.

  • Enforcing your disability benefits claims.

  • Advice on stays and deployments abroad; advice on pension rights abroad and applying for foreign pensions.

  • Aspects of disability law, e.g. applying for recognition of a severe disability in connection with a pension benefit.

  • Legal representation before social security courts and tribunals.

  • Health insurance, e.g. voluntary membership, applying for international forms


In addition to these key topics, I would also be happy to advise you on other issues. So please don’t hesitate to ask me about any other matters pertaining to social security law! On specific questions about other aspects of social security, I partner with reputable, competent colleagues (e.g. special pension carriers or workplace pensions).



Stays abroad


Are you about to move abroad? This topic is becoming ever more prominent as workforce mobility is increasing. Social security law does offer numerous benefits - as long as you are aware of and know how to take advantage of them.


That is why I provide consultation before you even embark on your international stay. What options are available, what is feasible, and what do you need to consider? If you are a returnee, I would also be happy to verify any claims you may have accrued while abroad. I rely on my many years of experience in EU and international law to provide comprehensive consultation and take care of red tape on your behalf.


Legal adviser for pensions, Daniela Bertoldi





We will conclude a remuneration agreement based on the statutory fees as laid out in the Lawyers’ Compensation Act (RVG). In accordance with article 34 RVG, for example, the cost for an initial consultation may not exceed € 190.00 plus VAT.


If you require further consultation, the cost will either be based on the RVG statutory fee schedule or a customized fee agreement.


The cost of my legal and litigation services is tax-deductible (BdF IV B-S2255-357/97). Also, check with your legal expenses insurance prior to hiring me to see if they can reimburse the cost, which is often the case.

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